More than Money
Combine Secular & Religious Law

More than Money

Planning isn’t just about preserving and passing on your financial wealth and property in the event of your death or incapacity. When done right, it equates to sharing your family’s stories, values, life lessons, and experiences, so your legacy carries on long after you (and your money) are gone.

Indeed, these intangible assets can be among the most profound gifts you can give.

We recognize the enormous value these assets represent, along with the inherent challenge of documenting our life experiences. Given this, in our estate plans, we’ve built in a process for preserving and passing on your unique treasures and gifts to create your own Legacy Library.

Our Legacy Library process (included in all of our estate plans) guides you, in part, to create a customized recording in which you share your most insightful memories and life lessons with those you leave behind.

We’ve developed a series of helpful questions and prompts to make the process of sharing your life experiences not only easy, but enjoyable. And this isn’t something you have to do on your own—which you know you might now get around to—as we do it with you as an integral part of your planning services.

In the end, your family’s most precious wealth is not money, but the memories you make, the values you instill, and the lessons you hand down. And left to chance, these assets are likely to be lost forever.

Combine Secular & Religious Law

Do you want to find a way to coordinate secular and religious law because you are observant of religious law or customs or a person with strong spiritual beliefs?

Do you wonder if your spiritual beliefs or observance of religious law or custom might be inconsistent with secular estate planning?

Would you like to protect your family with planning that is in accord with secular law – the “law of the land” – as well as your beliefs?

I can work with clients to create plans that “work” both with the “law of the land” and with spiritual beliefs, religious laws, and customs. We can involve your spiritual leaders / religious authorities to create a plan that keeps you consistent with your beliefs and works within secular law.

I have worked with spiritual/religious clients who follow many traditions.

Specifically, I have helped many clients create Jewish Law (Halachic) Healthcare Proxies. I have created a Jewish Health Proxy Guide as a resource.