What You Need to Know if You Have People and/or Things You Care for and Want to Protect

1. Your Family – who will care for your minor children if you can’t? don’t leave it to family conflict and the courts! (+ plan for other family members you support as well as pets)

2. Your Money – who will get it and how? Do you want your kids over 18 to get their share outright? Or, do you want to protect your money from financially immature decisions?

3. Your Legacy – be remembered for responsibly crafting a plan that shows how much you care and passes on your VALUES as well as any valuables.

Wine & Wills

Have some wine and learn about Wills!

Take some time out of your busy schedule, relax, and have a glass of wine while learning why you need a will. It’s all about planning for the best outcomes for those you care for and want to protect, no matter what happens. And, my process makes it easier than you may think!

Come with your significant other and make it a very meaningful date night!

Wine and Refreshments provided.


Plan Your Own Event!

Mom’s (&/or Dad’s) Groups – New babies groups, toddler play groups, any group with parents and kids – I am happy to speak even if your kids are there! I keep this kind of presentation to about 20 minutes plus time for questions.

Organizations, Clubs, PTO/PTA – I am available to speak to your organization, club, or class about wills, trusts, medical/healthcare powers of attorney, financial powers of attorney, planning for incapacity, dealing with dividing up personal belongings, helping preserve family relationships, and leaving a legacy.

Wine & Cheese Evening – Your house, your friends, wine & cheese – find out what you need to know to protect your family, plan your legacy, and enrich your life.

Protecting Your Young Adult Children – Heading off to College & Beyond – Do you have a child that’s turned 18 years old and is heading off to college? Or a child already in college? Once 18 your child is legally an adult and you no longer have the legal right to access their health care, school, or banking records without their permission. Do you want to be able to help them in a medical crisis? Do you want to be able to help them with a problem with a financial account, landlord issue, etc.? Find out what to do in this free presentation.