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Welcome! We help you plan for the care and protection of you and yours.

Why do you and yours need a plan for care and protection? What would happen to your family if you could not be there for them? Who would make medical and financial decisions for you? Who would get your assets? Who would take care of your kids?

We are a boutique law firm helping clients choose who will make medical and financial decisions for them, decide who will get their assets, and select who they want to take care of their kids. Planning is a priceless gift for your loved ones – you have removed the burden of their guessing – and possibly fighting about – what you would have wanted. Based in Highland Park, New Jersey (Middlesex County), Rebecca is also licensed in Pennsylvania and New York. We look forward to answering any questions you have and working with you to plan for the care and protection of you and yours!

How We Help

planning for your family

Your Family

You have opinions on how to raise your children and who you want to raise them if you can’t. Don’t leave the choice to a judge or fighting family members. A judge cannot know your thoughts and desires.

planning for your wealth

Your Wealth

To make things easier for your family, make sure you have chosen and documented your choices for who you want to make healthcare decisions for you if you were unable to make them.

planning for your legacy

Your Legacy

Your Will says who should get what of your personal belongings and financial assets – your “estate.” If you are relatively young and have relatively few assets, then a Will may be enough to direct how you want your estate distributed.

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